An immensity of discoveries every day

Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro and formed by more than 300 islands that make the destination an immensity of discoveries every day of your stay. In Angra you will find a variety of beaches, waterfalls, ecological trails, as well as plenty of natural beauty with a special touch of “Atlantic Forest”. You will still be able to get to know and appreciate local gastronomy, offering the perfect combination of beach, sun and shrimps by the sea.

Gipóia Island

Considered the second largest island of Angra dos Reis, here you find the Dentist Beach, boasting an incredible view with clear waters and calm sea. Most of the visitors arrive by boats and yachts, spending the day in the place and enjoying every moment of this beach with an average distance of 30 minutes from downtown.

Paquetá Island

Paquetá is an oasis. An island literally full of tranquility and security. A place to walk aimlessly knowing that you will not get lost, and without worrying about the traffic. Being an island, it is obvious that it has a beautiful beach.

Itanhangá Island

Access only possible by boat, and with an incredible view, its main differential is a path through the island, which leads to the top of a stone allowing visitors a beautiful panoramic view of the area; an ideal place for photos.

Isla Botinas

One of the main obligatory stops for most visitors of Angra dos Reis and Isla Grande. Here the main characteristics are the calm sea and calm waters and an excellent place to practice snorkeling.


Canto das Canoas

Located in the Beach of Vitorino, in the Island of Gipoia, in Angra dos Reis. Ideal place to spend the day and enjoy gastronomic delights specializing in seafood, and dazzle with the beauties that the place offers.  “Canto das Canoas” is our stop for lunch during our 5 hours long boat tour.

Bico do Papagaio

Among the highest points of Isla Grande, is “Bico de Papagaio” at 982 meters high. From there it is possible to enjoy a wide view of the place and its islands, and the coast of Angra dos Reis. The journey to the top is very intense, but without a doubt you will be rewarded with a dazzling view.  

Isla Grande

The small islands around Isla Grande form a natural paradisiacal complex, characterized by the union of the sea with all the vegetation preserved in the area. Isla Grande has more than 190 km2 and covers one of the main beaches. Undoubtedly, is a special tourist spot for visitors.



Paraty is much more than just a historic city. Bordered by mountains covered by dense Atlantic forest, the city is surrounded by reserves and ecological parks, making this area one of the most preserved in Brazil and an excellent walk through the historic streets paved with cobble stones, on cloudy days or in the afternoon.